Distribution and Supply Chain Management


  • Key Retail (Modern Trade)200 customers
  • Direct Retail Distribution – DRD 3,500 customers
  • Wholesales85 customers
  • Food Services - HORECA sector 110 customers
  • Online Sales – Mowneh 10,000 plus customers


Warehousing (Frozen, Chilled & Ambient)

Warehouse Facility

  • 4500 sqm Temperature Controlled State of the art facility
  • Ambient, Chilled, Frozen Temperature

ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implemented & Monitored

Focused on

  • Distribution, Transport & Freight Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Packaging, Labelling & Categorization

Global Network & Procurement

Our worldwide longstanding relations with producers and suppliers allow us to provide a diverse line of products, to satisfy all our consumers and stakeholders.

Procurement & Supplies

We service commercial food suppliers of all sizes, from a reputed cafe through to the largest national businesses in the country. Such an assortment of clients means that a wide range of retail, catering supplies and wholesale consumer products are necessary to fully provide for and service our clients’ needs.

Our in-depth knowledge of the market and industry requirements such as the necessary product characteristics, product specifications, legal matters and local regulations established Marakez Trading Company as one of the prominent sourcing enterprises in the country.

Business Strategy

  • Engage and develop our clients, staff and people
  • Drive our B2B and B2C channels with precision
  • Deliver on our word and promise
  • Perform outstanding service that generates valuable growth
Our values represent what we stand for as a corporate citizen, a business partner and as an employer. They are reflected in who & what we are and how we do things.
We strive to build a human connection with our clients and partners to grow together and seek success through mutual respect, professionalism, honesty, integrity, fairness and transparency.