Chtoura Garden

Alfa InterFood Group is a Middle Eastern food company owned by the Group Harb Holding Int’l s.a.l Lebanon, located in the heart of the Lebanese Beka’a valley, founded in 1992. Facing a market ever so demanding and discerning and with Harb Holding Int’l’s interests in major lines of activity, along with the vision of distribution of its products all over Lebanon and overseas, Alfa InterFood Group came into existence for the co-packing of its Middle Eastern & Ready to eat Canned Food products, under the Brand name “Chtoura Gardens”, in different factories in Lebanon. In a very short time period, this brand name became so famous in the market and became one of the leading brands in Lebanon and overseas that rapidly, people began to associate it with best quality of taste, excellently packed, conformed to the very best measures of security avoiding any moisture, humidity effects and other factors. Nowadays, “Chtoura Garden” & “Chtoura Foods” & Chtoura Land” products are distributed all over Lebanon and in many other countries all over the world.

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